BCNU activity in the workplace

Special Bulletin to HEU members and stewards

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Over the past few weeks the BCNU has increased their activity in the workplace. BCNU members are attempting to convince LPNs to change unions. They are asking our members to wear BCNU buttons and stickers and to sign cards.

In some cases BCNU’s tactics are aggressive and they are not respectful when LPNs ask them to stop or leave their units.

What are your rights in the workplace?

Every worker has the right to work in an environment free from harassment and it is the employer’s responsibility to enforce that. Work is stressful enough without having this added burden.

What can you do if BCNU (or others) pester you at work?

Be clear - tell the BCNU recruiter that you are not interested in signing a card and ask them to leave.

If they refuse, immediately contact a shop steward, a manager or someone from human resources or labour relations and tell them that you are being harassed at work.

If these activities happen on an evening shift or during the weekend when there are fewer managers around, call security.

Whatever the situation, always fill out an incident report and return it to the HEU Provincial Office.

Can HEU speak with our own members in the workplace?

The collective agreement says that HEU stewards are entitled to “transact union business” and that union staff can come into the workplace for the purposes of “conducting union business”. In fact it’s our obligation to represent our members. That includes talking to you about what’s happening with BCNU.

If you are having problems at work, are not feeling comfortable about BCNU activities, feeling harassed, intimidated or even ostracized, you should let your steward or Servicing Representative know.

Download incident report form