BCNU owes apology to HEU members

BCNU blames HEU for “phony phone calls” but later

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The BCNU has admitted responsibility for placing what it had termed “phony phone calls” after falsely accusing HEU of making those calls.

In a bulletin containing offensive and libelous accusations, the BCNU falsely charged that HEU had placed fake phone calls on behalf of a top BCNU official, in an effort to dissuade LPNs from becoming BCNU members. BCNU claimed that it had traced the calls to a firm contracted by HEU.

But BCNU later said that the claims it made against HEU in the August 7 bulletin were based on “incomplete information.”

In a “clarification” issued later that same day, BCNU admitted that it was in fact responsible for the calls, which had originated from a polling firm they had hired to do a survey.

The bulletins were posted in health care workplaces across the province.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy characterized the BCNU’s communication as a “reckless, desperate and troublesome” escalation of BCNU’s raid on HEU and other unions.

“These unprofessional gutter tactics reflect poorly on BCNU’s judgment and credibility, and further add to the toxic environment that their ill-conceived raid is causing in the workplaces our members share every day.”

HEU has demanded that BCNU issue a formal apology and a public retraction, and is considering further legal action.

The BCNU’s current raid of HEU and other health unions has drawn widespread criticism from the labour movement.

Last week, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions - BCNU’s national union - instructed BCNU to end its raid. As a result of its actions, BCNU has been suspended from participation in local labour councils, the B.C. Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress.