BCNU prepares to file unsuccessful raid applications, as they did in 2009

With a little more than a week left in the legal raid period, the BCNU is trying to create some badly needed momentum to bolster their second raid attempt, which has failed to gain province-wide support from LPN members.

Earlier today, the BCNU claimed to have signed up a majority of LPNs in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and they are expected to make similar claims over the next week for other health authorities.

In 2009, BCNU filed several raid applications, making the same claims about their support from LPNs.

After reviewing the evidence, however, the Labour Relations Board (LRB) determined the BCNU claims were false.

In fact, the LRB investigation discovered that BCNU did not sign up enough LPNs either province-wide, or in any of the five health authorities. The LRB dismissed every single one of their raid applications.

Based on their pattern in 2009, it is expected that BCNU will file multiple raid applications regardless of the number of valid signed memberships they have actually collected.

HEU’s network of LPN leaders has talked to thousands of LPNs during the course of the BCNU raid and is confident that HEU nurses wish to continue to work within HEU to advance their professional practice and bargaining interests.

In addition, many LPNs who signed BCNU cards are revoking these cards for a number of reasons, including:

  • They had been pressured to sign by supervisors.
  • They had been told that signing a BCNU card was a condition of employment.
  • They had wanted to stop a BCNU organizer from harassing them.
  • They have sought out more information about the advantages of HEU membership.

If you are aware of any LPNs who wish to revoke a BCNU membership card, please ask them to contact Maire Kirwan or Joanne Dickie at 1-800-663-5813 or 604-438-5000 or email or visit our website at <>.