BCNU raid excludes affiliates representing more than 30 per cent of LPN worksites

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BCNU has filed a number of applications to raid LPNs from HEU and other unions.

But as predicted, they left out most affiliates and they did not submit a province-wide application.

Effectively, the BCNU has abandoned a province-wide strategy and is hoping one of its applications will capture LPNs in a health authority.

It's a strategy that can only result in isolating some LPNs from others.

We remain confident that the majority of LPNs across the province continue to support HEU.

It's important to recall that in 2009, the BCNU filed raid applications in every health authority and also insisted that it had signed up a majority of LPNs.

But when the Labour Relations Board investigated their claims, it found they did not have a majority in any of their applications. All their applications were dismissed. 

Next Steps in Raid Process

Beginning in early December, the BC Labour Board (LRB) will review the validity of the BCNU applications – a process which could take several weeks or even months.

In 2009, the LRB took more than six months to formally conclude its investigation before rejecting BCNU’s claim and banning them from raiding LPNs for a 22-month period.

HEU will keep LPNs updated as the process moves forward. Please check the HEU website for more information.