Bill 29 Employment Insurance appeal deadline October 2

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HEU is representing members - who received money as part of the Bill 29 Settlement Agreement and were then asked to repay their Employment Insurance (EI) – through a Representative Group Appeal. Deadline for filing is October 2.

Members, who have already filed an individual claim, can formally withdraw that claim and join the HEU Group Appeal. Please note that the union will not be representing individual appeals.

If you are being called by Revenue Canada or EI and advised that you are required to pay back money or make payment arrangements, or your Notice of Debt is being sent to a collection agency, please know that any payback or accrual of interest is on hold pending the outcome of the appeal.

Ask for the name and Employee ID number of the person calling you, and contact HEU with that information, including your name, contact info and Social Insurance Number.

Also, if you have been notified that you no longer have a debt but have filed an appeal, you will be required to sign an Appeal Withdrawal Form. Contact us and we will send you the form.

If you received an Individual Claimant Agreement for a Representative Appeal Form from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), please fill out and fax to: Employment Insurance (EI) at 1-250-763-3756.

In addition, please forward copies of the Appeal Form, your EI Notice Letter and Notice of Debt to HEU by fax: 604-739-1510, email ( or regular mail: 5000 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, B.C., V5J 5M3. Deadline to appeal is October 2, 2009.

If you require forms or additional information, you can reach us at 604-456-7193 or toll-free at 1-800-909-4994.