Bill 29 talks with government resume later this month

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The HEU and other health unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association have wrapped up a second week of talks with government and Health Employers Association of B.C. (HEABC) representatives on the implementation of last June’s Bill 29 ruling by the Supreme Court.

The two sides exchanged a series of questions on contracting out and on the legal issues related to the court ruling.

“HEABC and government continue to insist on far-reaching contracting-out powers for health employers,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“Even in the face of Bill 29 tragedies like Beacon Hill Villa, health employers and government are holding to their view that contracting out is necessary to ensure a measure of 'market discipline' in the collective bargaining process.”

Darcy said that government and HEABC will respond to a series of requests for the disclosure of documents related to contracting out when talks resume on October 23.

The topic of redress for workers impacted by Bill 29 has not yet been discussed at the talks.