Bridge rally draws support for Inglewood Lodge

Seniors care and jobs face potential threat

A 90-MINUTE RALLY by front-line health care workers from Inglewood Lodge and Capilano Care Centre in West Vancouver drew supportive honks and thumbs-up signals from scores of north shore residents heading over the Lions Gate Bridge in the morning commute, July 15.

The spontaneous protest had been pulled together in response to an announcement from Inglewood’s administration that changes impacting staff would be occurring at the end of July. Although those changes weren’t specified, the local decided it was time to alert the North Shore community about the potential threat to services at the long-term care home.

Carrying a banner that read “Act now to protect health care and jobs” the 40 protestors banged pots, blew whistles and chanted “Support our seniors, save their care” as they marched up to the bridge’s west side. They were joined in solidarity by HEU president Fred Muzin, HEU financial secretary Mary LaPlante and several sisters and brothers from a neighbouring long-term care home, Capilano Care Centre. Inglewood, which is home to 200 seniors, employs more than 170 HEU members.

The local anticipates future actions pending further clarification from administration regarding any changes that would impact front-line workers and the care they provide.