Briefing for HEU community health members on job descriptions


New language on job descriptions in the recently ratified 2012-2014 community health collective agreement changes the process for distributing, reviewing and disputing job descriptions on a go-forward basis. 

Schedule C: Job Evaluation and Classification has been revised significantly in the community health master agreement. The union has put together this briefing to educate members on some of these changes. 

Contractually, every member is entitled to receive a copy of their job description. A job description includes the job title, summary and list of duties, qualifications, and the benchmark(s) the job is matched to, along with the classification grid (pay rate).

The community benchmarks, to which employers classify jobs, can be found on HEU’s website under the For Members, Benchmarks section.

In the new contract, if the employer creates a new job or makes significant changes to a current job, then they must forward a copy of the new or revised job description, within 20 calendar days, to each employee covered under the job description.

If the employer considers the job to be “anomalous” – meaning it’s unique and cannot be properly classified using any of the existing benchmarks – then they will assign the job to an existing classification grid (pay rate), based on a best-fit to the overall types of duties and scope and level of responsibilities of the job. 

Job descriptions, classified as “anomalous”, must be forwarded by the employer, within 20 calendar days, to the union and Community Bargaining Association. 

If your employer presents you with a new job description, consider the following:

  • does it provide an accurate summary of your job, including the typical duties you perform?
  • are the qualifications reasonable and relevant to the job?
  • has the employer classified the job appropriately? 

If you do not agree with the classification match or have any concerns regarding the job description, contact your local shop steward or site representative. There is a dispute process in place should an employee or the union disagree with the classification of the job or the job description.