Canada Day premiums paid on July 2, not July 1 this year

HEU members question how stat premiums are paid

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As British Columbians prepare for another holiday weekend, the long-time debate over statutory holiday premium payment is centrestage.

Canada Day is recognized as a national holiday on July 1. However, when July 1 falls on a Sunday – as it does in 2007 – the stat is recognized on July 2, according to the federal Holidays Act.

HEU members who work on Sunday, July 1 this year will not be paid the stat premium. They will be paid for regular hours plus weekend, shift differential and/or overtime premiums, if applicable under your collective agreement.

Those who work full-time, Monday to Friday rotations will observe Canada Day on Monday, July 2. This is a day off with pay.

Employees working on July 2 are entitled to receive stat premium pay for all hours worked from midnight to midnight.

According to the Holidays Act, Canada Day is the only calendar statutory holiday to which this language is applied: “When July 1 is a Sunday, July 2 is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of ‘Canada Day’.”

If you have any questions, please contact your payroll department or HEU local executive.