Celebrate HEU’s Clerical Team Appreciation Day on November 18

HEU locals across B.C. will take time on Wednesday to recognize and appreciate their clerical colleagues

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HEU’s second annual Clerical Team Appreciation Day will be held on November 18, when locals across the province take time to recognize and appreciate their clerical colleagues.

“Clerical workers display a high standard of professionalism despite the pressures of increasing workloads, critical staff shortages, and the need to constantly upgrade their skills,” says Gregg Steele, co-chair of the clerical subcommittee. “Clerical workers demonstrate ongoing dedication to providing the best patient care possible through their meticulous attention to detail and their ability to multi-task on a daily basis.”

And Carol Kenzie, HEU’s 2nd vice-president and co-chair of the clerical subcommittee, also encourages members to use this day to recognize the clerical team’s valuable contribution.

“Often, the connection between clerical and direct patient care is overlooked or minimized,” says Kenzie. “But these workers play a critical role in many aspects of a patient’s treatment in the health care system.”

Clerical workers represent about 21 per cent of the union’s membership. Although their work is often behind-the-scenes, the clerical team plays a vital role in delivering quality care to patients, residents and clients across B.C.

HEU has nearly 10,000 clerical workers, representing about 85 different job classifications across the province.

Materials to help celebrate Clerical Team Appreciation Day – posters, lanyards and magnets – have been sent to facilities locals. Please distribute these materials widely throughout your workplace.

If your local is doing something special on this day, please take photos and email them to: <clericalworkers@heu.org> for inclusion in our PaperWork newsletter.

Celebrate yourself and your colleagues on November 18.

Happy Clerical Team Appreciation Day 2009!