Celebrating Support Workers Day across B.C. – October 28

On October 28, HEU locals recognize the valuable contribution support workers make to the health care team

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HEU locals throughout the province are taking time out on October 28 to recognize the valuable contribution support workers make to the health care team.

The focus of this year’s Support Workers Day is the promotion of wellness. Locals are encouraged to participate in work site activities centered around that theme.

HEU support workers play a critical role in about 35 job classifications that span everything from food preparation and maintaining clean, sterile environments to transporting biohazardous materials, and handling a complex inventory of equipment and supplies. Representing food services, security, transportation, shipping/receiving, housekeeping, stores and laundry, support workers have jobs which often require a high level of accuracy, knowledge and education.

“The jobs of support workers are key to ensuring a safe, healthy environment for patients, workers and visitors,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “Support workers play a vital role, but their work is often invisible and unrecognized.”

“We are an integral part of the health care team,” says John Evans, housekeeping supervisor at Swan Valley Lodge and support workers subcommittee co-chair. The subcommittee “wants to help improve the understanding of our members, the government and the public about the important role support workers play in providing safe and healthy facilities across the province.”

“We’re trying to let HEU members know what support workers do and how valuable they are to the union and the health care system,” echoes Provincial Executive member and subcommittee co-chair Rhonda Bruce. “The roots of HEU’s family tree are its support workers. Support workers care about the work they do and the HEU family they support.”

The support workers subcommittee also includes HEU members Shelley Bridge, John Fraser, Diane Willey, Violet Ayala, Becky Jacobson (P.E.), and staff advisor Nina Dhillon. They can be reached at email (supportworkers@heu.org).

On October 28, please wear Support Workers Day stickers in honour of support workers.

Check out information on the support conference – held in September.