Changes to health care supply chain unveiled

Reporting relationships change but HEU members continue to be employed by health authorities under existing collective agreement

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The B.C. Health Authority Shared Services Organization (SSO) has rolled out the next phase in the consolidation of health authorities’ supply chains.

The new model will change reporting relationships for many union members and non-contract managers.

But the roles and responsibilities for most HEU members will remain unchanged, and they will continue to be covered by current collective agreement terms and conditions through this phase of the supply chain reorganization.

The SSO says that they do not anticipate any reduction in HEU positions through this transition stage - and HEU members will continue to be employed by health authorities.

Supply chain managers are holding meetings with union members today to brief them on the planned changes, which include the designation of “category management leads” in the various health authorities.

After repeated requests, health employers have now agreed to a meeting with HEU to review the supply chain consolidation plans.

The union has asked for a meeting to confirm that members will continue to be covered by the current collective agreement beyond the current phase of consolidation.

Specifically, the union is looking for assurances that cost savings will be achieved through efficiencies in purchasing and distribution and not by cutting wages and jobs.