Clerical benchmark review stalled over health employers’ bid to cover benefits out of wage adjustment fund

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A comprehensive review of 84 clerical benchmarks continues to be on hold pending an arbitration hearing that will take place this spring.

At issue is a demand by health employers that the funds set aside to pay for wage adjustments – coming out of all benchmark reviews – also fund related benefits’ costs.

It’s a move that would reduce the $3 million available for clerical wage adjustments by about 25 per cent.

HEU’s assistant secretary-business manager Zorica Bosancic says that the delay is frustrating for the union committee that has been reviewing the benchmarks, and for HEU’s clerical members who’ve waited a long time for a resolution.

“The delay is unacceptable but we have no choice but to challenge health employers on this issue,” says Bosancic.

An arbitrator has now been agreed to by the health unions and health employers and a date is expected in late April or early May.