Clerical benchmark series review arbitration concludes

Respected labour arbitrator Vince Ready’s decision expected within days

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The Facilities Bargaining Association’s joint clerical benchmark review committee is now awaiting labour arbitrator Vince Ready’s final award on an implementation agreement for the “page 208” clerical benchmark series review to determine the allocation of funding to the clerical benchmarks.

The $3-million review, negotiated in 2006 bargaining, has been a long and grueling process, but HEU’s classification representative Teressa Ford says she’s proud of our members’ participation and their dedication to seeing it through.

“An extensive mediation with Vince Ready to deal with residual matters started on January 12 and went into the wee hours of the morning,” says Ford. “We’re now awaiting Ready’s final determination, which we hope to receive shortly.”

HEU will release a detailed newsletter with a complete report on the benchmark review once Ready’s decision has been issued.