Clerical members: Has your employer put new rates in place for your benchmark?

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It has come to the attention of the union that some employers have not yet implemented new wage rates for clerical members that resulted from the clerical benchmark review contained in the 2006–2010 facilities agreement (“page 208”).

Under the final settlement and implementation agreement reached in January, health employers are required to implement the new rates of pay for benchmarks covered by the review no later than April 1, 2010.

The adjustments are retroactive to April 1, 2007, and health employers were also required to provide retroactive payments by no later than May 13.

It’s important that you contact your union if your work is matched to one of the affected benchmarks and your employer has not adjusted your pay rate or provided you with retroactive pay.

Please review the following list of benchmarks to see if you may be affected.

Clerk IV (A) Admitting (Outpatient Booking) New Benchmark

  • Benchmark 10015 Clerk IV (A) Admitting (Outpatient Booking) is placed temporarily at Grid 17, awaiting the final determination of any remaining funds.

This benchmark was created to recognize clerical members who were assigned the responsibility of prioritizing patient appointments.

Although the physician is ultimately responsible for determining the urgency level of the appointment, it is the outpatient booking clerk who decides the order in which appointments are booked by reviewing and evaluating patient information in order to determine the appointment priority.

Members may have been previously matched to Benchmark 10004 Clerk IV, Admitting (O.R. Booking) paid at Grid 16.

O.R. Booking

  • Benchmark 10004 Clerk IV, Admitting (O.R. Booking) – (Grid 16)
  • Benchmark 10008 Clerk V, Admitting (O.R. Booking) – (Grid 21)
  • Benchmark 10011 Clerk IV, Admitting (O.R. Booking) – (Grid 24)
  • Benchmark 10014 Supervisor, (O.R. Booking) – (Grid 33)



These benchmarks now include a reference to “Outpatient” and “Daycare” which was previously not recognized by the employer. If you are assigning patients to outpatient or daycare O.R. slates, such as Ambulatory Care, then potentially you could be upgraded. This change will allow our members to access these benchmarks and potentially be paid at a higher rate of pay than the employer had previously classified them at (Benchmark 10002 Admitting [Outpatient Booking] – Grid 16).

Finance and Payroll

  • Benchmark 10205 Clerk IV, Accounts Receivable – previously Grid 16 is now Grid 17
  • Benchmark 10206 Clerk IV, Accounts Payable – previously Grid 16 is now Grid 17
  • Benchmark 10209 Clerk V, Accounts Receivable (Patient Billing) – previously Grid 21 is now Grid 22
  • Benchmark 10210 Clerk V, Accounts Payable previously Grid 21 is now Grid 22
  • Benchmark 10212 Accounting – previously Grid 21 is now Grid 22
  • Benchmark 10703 Payroll – previously Grid 16 is now Grid 17
  • Benchmark 10704 Payroll Supervisor I – previously Grid 21 is now Grid 22
  • Benchmark 10705 Payroll Supervisor II – previously Grid 24 is now Grid 25
  • Benchmark 10706 Payroll Supervisor III – previously Grid 26 is now Grid 27


  • Benchmark 10308 Clerk Housekeeping – previously Grid 14 now depending on the level of staffing work could be anywhere between Grid 16 to Grid 28
  • Benchmark 10310 Clerk IV, Nursing Staffing benchmark (Grid 16)
  • Benchmark 10312 Clerk V, Nursing Staffing (Grid 21)
  • Benchmark 10314 Clerk VI, Nursing Staffing (Grid 24)
  • Benchmark 10316 Nursing Staffing Co-ordinator (Grid 28)

These benchmarks have had the reference to “Nursing” removed from the benchmark language to allow access to all staff to the Staffing Class title benchmarks.

If you are a clerical member and are matched to one of the above noted benchmarks, you should have been upgraded by the employer as part of the clerical review.

Please raise this issue with your employer and contact your local shop steward, and then contact Teressa Ford at HEU’s Provincial Office (, if any difficulties or questions arise.