Clerical workers asked to have their say about benchmarks

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HEU's 8,400 clerical workers are being encouraged to complete a short online survey to make their occupational benchmarks more reflective of on-the-job realities.

In the 2006 round of bargaining, HEU succeeded in negotiating $3 million in cumulative funding to review clerical benchmarks and fund resulting wage adjustments.

Since July, a review committee - made up of three HEU members, one HEU staff resource person, one BCGEU representative and employer representatives - has been examining all 84 clerical benchmarks in the job family's 11 sub-categories.

HEU secretary-business manager, Judy Darcy, emphasized clerical workers' vital role in supporting the committee to update, adjust or create benchmarks and to delete redundant ones.

"We understand the importance of benchmarks in members' work,” says Darcy. "Learning from members about how their work has changed, through this survey and other forms of feedback, is our priority.”

Benchmarks are used to define a position’s type of work and level of responsibility as well as the required qualifications, which then correspond to the rate of pay. They were last revised in 1987 as part of HEU’s overall job classification system. Work load issues and concerns about scope of work are not covered under the benchmark jurisdiction.

And it’s also important to note that any Job Review Requests (JRRs) filed individually by members are not part of this review process. Any current JRRs are measured against the current benchmarks and should be addressed now by employers.

The $3 million in cumulative funding will be allocated over three years, from April 2007 onwards, to all new or revised benchmarks, which are limited to the benchmark review set out in the letter of intent.

Additional information or questions about the clerical benchmark review can be sent to Teressa Ford, at

HEU clerical workers can click the following link to complete the survey now. All surveys must be completed by December 17th, 2006.

The HEU committee members are Carol Kenzie from the Kelowna local, Barb Burke from the Penticton local and Shelley Adams Turner from the Surrey local.