Community Social Services members to receive 2.5% Classification Anomaly and Compensation Comparability

Community Social Services Employers’ Association and Community Social Services Bargaining Association have agreed on the distribution of the April 1, 2018 Comparability and Classification Anomaly Wage Increases. The intention of the Comparability Adjustment is to close the wage gap with comparator classifications in Community Health. The agreement provides for the following wage increases:

•    98.2% of all FTEs would be eligible for a 2.5% increase in wages effective April 1, 2018.  

•    The comparability target has been met for Steps 3 and 4 for Program Coordinator 1 Grid Level 12A, and Volunteer Coordinator Grid Level 12A, and as such increases will only be applied to Steps 1 and 2. 

•    The target has been met for Steps 2 to 4 for Crisis Line Coordinator Grid Level 13A and as such increases will only be applied to Step 1. 

•    Paraprofessional Grid Level 13P classifications Steps 1 to 3 will receive additional $1.49 and $1.27 for Step 4 (to match the Step 4 rate of Health LPNs) on top of the 2.5% wage increase. This covers the LPN and Children Who Witness Abuse Counsellor Benchmarks. 

•    Paraprofessional Grid Levels 17P, 18P, 19P and 20P classifications will receive an additional $0.50 on top of the 2.5% wage increase.

To be eligible for comparability money a classification must meet the following criteria to qualify for a wage adjustment: 

•    The classification must have a comparator classification in the Community Health Collective Agreement and be on the attached list in the collective agreement; 

•    The difference in the wage rates is adversely affecting recruitment and retention and the provision of service to clients; 

•    There is a reasonable expectation that a wage adjustment will reduce this adverse impact; and 

•    The adjustment will not create additional cost pressures on other public sectors.