Comparability news delivered in province-wide mailing

Members receive details of proposed wage adjustments along with a call to stand ready to defend comparability win

A letter summarizing HEU's historic comparability award is being sent to the home of every HEU member in the province. It's a message that contains some good news on the amount of retroactive wage adjustments members can expect.

But the letter also contains a call to members to stand ready to take whatever actions are necessary to close the final chapter of HEUís struggle for comparability.

"HEU members should feel quite proud of what they've accomplished over the last two decades in terms of comparability," says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. "Comparability means many of our members will reach their pay equity targets sooner. And by 'raising the bar' workers in all sectors of health care will eventually benefit."

The members' mailing includes a table outlining the impact of comparability on individual classification benchmarks including gross wage adjustments that are retroactive to April 1, 1996.

While significant progress has been made working out the details of implementation, Allnutt warns that further appeals of the comparability decision by the Health Employers Association of B.C. could lead to months or even years of delays. "That can't be allowed to happen," says Allnutt. "We've told HEABC in the strongest possible terms to abandon further foot dragging and get on with task of delivering comparability to our members."

A major concern, according to Allnutt, is that comparability will be attacked by those who oppose HEU's progress towards pay equity. Those forces would be happy to convert our comparability win into a political football during and after the next provincial election.

A Labour Relations Board ruling on HEABC's preliminary appeal of Kelleher's award is expected at any time.