Compensation agreement reached for pharmacy technician supervisor relief

On behalf of members in the Facilities Bargaining Association, the Hospital Employees’ Union has reached an agreement with the Health Employers Association of BC on compensation for employees who relieve in Pharmacy Technician Supervisors positions. 

This agreement is an extension of the Settlement Agreement that implemented the new Pharmacy Technician Supervisor I and II benchmarks, negotiated in February. 

If, at the time of the relief, the affected employee is not registered with the College of Pharmacists, then that member will be paid at the grid 33 pay rate.  

If, however, the affected employee is registered at the time of relief, then they will be paid at the classified rate of the position (Pharmacy Technician Supervisor I at grid 35 or Pharmacy Technician Supervisor II at grid 38). 

The union and employer both recognize that the pharmacy departments and our members are in transition while going through the process of becoming registered. This settlement provides for compensation that mirrors the implementation agreement for the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor I and II benchmarks. 

As part of the settlement, employers will calculate retro pay for relief hours back to the date the position first supervised a Pharmacy Technician. Retroactivity monies must be paid within 90 days of April 30, the date the agreement was signed. 

If you require any further information, please contact your local shop steward or servicing representative.