CUPE to show support for Wisconsin public workers

CUPE newsletter: Representatives from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) will show their support for Wisconsin public service unions at a rally tomorrow in the state capital.

Earlier this month, Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker introduced a budget bill, which would strip the state’spublic workers of their collective bargaining rights. Public service union members and supporters have been holding continuous protests in and around the state legislature, and across the state, for the last ten days. Democrats are attempting to delay passage of the bill in the Republican-dominated state Assembly and Senate.

CUPE National President Paul Moist has joined labour leaders from around the world indenouncing Governor Walker’s attack on Wisconsin’s public sector workers.

“Using the current recession and your majority in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate to strip away fundamental rights from dedicated public employees is plain wrong and totally unjustified,” wrote Moist in a letter to Governor Walker. “Attacking your own workforce under the guise of fiscal austerity measures will hurt both public employees and the community at large; neither outcome is justified.”

Tens of thousands are expected for a rally in support of public service unions at the state legislator in Madison, WI on Saturday, February 26. CUPE representatives will attend to show their support and solidarity for Wisconsin’s over 280,000 public workers.

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