Deadline for BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry extended

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The deadline to apply for the newly created BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry has been extended to June 28 for publicly funded health care workers who trained on the job and do not have a formal educational certificate.

The registry was launched in January to establish a province-wide training standard for new graduate care aides (CAs) and community health workers (CHWs), and to ensure a fair process for investigating abuse allegations against front-line workers.

The government has set out the following requirements as part of the new registry.

Anyone currently working as a care aide or community health worker for a publicly funded employer – with or without a recognized certificate – should register by the June 28 deadline in order to be “grandparented”. After that time, you will have to provide proof that you have completed a provincially recognized CA or CHW training course.

Even if you are off work on WCB, LTD or any other leave – but have a care aide or community health worker certificate – it’s important to register now.

The government also requires you to register by June 28 if you:

  • work in a position (i.e. as a patient porter) that requires a care aide certificate,
  • are a licensed practical nurse who may want to work as a CA in the future, or
  • work for a private employer, but could work for a publicly funded employer down the road (you must have recognized credentials and cannot be “grandparented”).
If you don’t register by June 28 and you do not have a CA or CHW certificate, you will only be able to work for your current employer. You will not be eligible to work for other publicly funded employers until you provide proof of completing a CA and/or CHW training program in B.C., or an equivalent course from elsewhere in Canada.

Registration is easy and it’s free. You’ll need to complete an Application and Consent Form. You can do that online or you can fill out the form and fax it to 1-877-494-3222, or mail it to BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry, Suite 200-1333 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4C6.

If you have any questions, contact your servicing representative through your local executive.