Deadline to claim prescription drug expenses is June 30

HEU members must submit outstanding claims, receipts to Pacific Blue Cross by end of month

The deadline for all HEU members to submit outstanding 1999 prescription drug expenses to Pacific Blue Cross is June 30, 2000. Employers should have Standard Extended Health Care (EHC) claim forms available through their payroll units or human resources departments. For HEU members who have Internet access, the EHC claim form and further information about submitting a claim are available on the Pacific Blue Cross web site, Original receipts must accompany the completed claim form. Claims and receipts must be mailed and postmarked no later than June 30, 2000. For help completing the EHC form, contact Pacific Blue Cross at (604) 419-2600 in Greater Vancouver or toll free at 1-800-275-4672 throughout B.C.