Deadline for HEU convention credentials, constitutional amendments and resolutions fast approaching – August 5

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HEU locals are reminded that the Provincial Office must receive all delegate credentials, hotel accommodation forms, and proposed constitutional amendments and resolutions by Tuesday, August 5 at 5:00 p.m. for the union’s 26th biennial convention, held November 3 to November 7 at Vancouver’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The HEU Constitution and By-Laws sets out delegate eligibility in Article IV. To be eligible, members must have attended 50 per cent of their local’s meetings in the 12-month period prior to nomination; be elected at a local membership meeting with quorum, or may be elected at a special meeting, if necessary. Ineligible delegate nominations cannot be accepted where an eligible member is nominated and has accepted.

And in Article V, Section C: “for those Locals who have not met the quorum requirements in the three (3) months preceding the deadline for delegate registration, a ratification vote of the executive committee will be acceptable.”

It’s recommended that your local also select alternates in case a delegate is unable to attend.

Constitutional amendments alter the language in the Constitution and By-Laws that govern the union, whereas resolutions address matters such as changes to union policy.

Only blue original credentials with an embossed HEU seal will be accepted; no faxes or photocopies. However, faxed copies of hotel accommodation forms, proposed constitutional amendments and resolutions will be accepted – by the August 5 deadline.