On Dec. 6, Canadians remember the 14 women murdered at Montrealís Ècole Polytechnique, focus on ending violence against women

HEU marks tenth anniversary with annual sticker designed by Nelson local member

"On December 6, across the country, we mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. On this day in 1989, 14 young women in Montreal were murdered—because they were women. As we reflect on this terrible loss, we must never forget that many women continue to live and die in the shadow of violence." —Iqaluit Declaration of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Status of Women Ministers on Violence Against Women, August 1998 The Hospital Employees' Union and the union's women's committee have long worked to raise members' awareness regarding the root causes of violence against women, recognizing that the elimination of violence is a long-term goal which can only be realized through lasting change in societal values and attitudes. This year, HEU will be honouring the memory of the 14 female engineering students killed at the Ècole Polytechnique 10 years ago with a special sticker designed by Sister Patricia Ormond of the Nelson local (Willowhaven site). The stickers will be distributed to locals in the secretary/treasurers' November 25 mailing. Watch for their arrival and hand them out to as many members as possible so that the message to end violence against women is highly visible in our workplaces and our communities as HEU marks Dec. 6, 1999.