Decision on final pay rates for rehab assistants and program coordinators with arbitrator

Hearings recently held to resolve outstanding wage grids for classifications in the facilities “page 209” benchmark review
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The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of BC recently met with classification arbitrator John Kinzie in hearings to determine the final pay grid rates for the revised Rehabilitation Assistant, Program Coordinator I (Recreation) and Program Coordinator II (Recreation) benchmarks.

The FBA had referred the matter to arbitration back in December following the settlement of the “page 209” benchmark series review, negotiated in 2006 facilities bargaining. In the settlement agreement, both parties agreed that the determination of final grid rates for these three benchmarks could be heard through the classification appeal process.

In the “page 209” benchmark series review final agreement, HEABC and the unions set interim pay grids for the three benchmarks. Using an expedited hearing process, HEU presented arguments based on the classification principles to support a determination by Kinzie for higher grid levels for those benchmarks.

Any pay grid increases will be effective on the date Kinzie publishes his award.

HEU will issue an update on our website once we receive Kinzie’s decision.