Designed to fail: Harper's nickel and dime 2011 budget

Federal budget analysis from CUPE

The 2011 federal budget is billed as the “low-tax plan for jobs and growth,” but there is little of substance new here — either on spending to create jobs or tax cuts. At most, it includes a lot of bits and pieces in a politically opportunistic bid to stay in power.cupe budget graphic

There’s no change to the Harper Conservatives’ irresponsible decision to continue with further corporate tax cuts that will cost the federal government over $6 billion a year once they are fully phased-in. More than a third of the benefits from the Harper corporate tax cuts will go to highly profitable banks, oil and gas companies and other finance and resource sector firms.

Federal support for infrastructure spending will decline significantly over coming years as stimulus spending expires and there’s no money left for new spending under Building Canada Plan infrastructure programs. The result, together with major cuts to federal program spending in future years, is a job-killing budget that provides little hope for Canada’s over 1.5 million unemployed.

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