Discipline threats from top health boss “not helpful”— HEU

Union renews call for talks, says it will vigorously defend members who are targeted for retribution by health authorities

HEU leaders say that media statements made February 6 by Gary Moser, the top boss of B.C. health employers, are unnecessarily provocative, and will not help workers and government achieve negotiated solutions to protect jobs and the public health system.

“Employers and government face a whole series of problems of their own as it becomes increasingly obvious that the Liberals’ radical privatization agenda cannot be implemented on the ground without significant, negative impacts for patients,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“Obviously both sides need to sit down to try to negotiate alternatives. But Mr. Moser’s comments are not helpful in terms of getting these critical talks underway.”

And Allnutt renewed his call for government and employers to reverse an earlier decision to cancel scheduled face-to-face meetings and begin formal discussions.

Meanwhile, Allnutt pledges that HEU will defend members who are scapegoated or unduly disciplined as a result of the successful political protest January 28 in Vancouver in which thousands of members took peaceful action to defend health care and their jobs.