Earth Day: there's much to celebrate, but also still much to do

Each year, HEU celebrates and highlights the importance of Earth Day, which has been marked since the 1970s. This Earth Day, there’s much to celebrate, but there’s also still much left to accomplish.

In keeping with this movement's objectives of promoting an environmentally sustainable future, HEU has explored innovations such as online meetings, Facebook groups for locals and committees, electronic voting, email-based communication with locals, and other initiatives.

In addition, HEU’s Provincial Executive wants to support locals with green action initiatives. Here’s a list of some eco-activities.

  • Promoting and using public transit, carpooling, biking and/or walking to work.
  • Recycling and/or composting at your workplace.
  • Having an active workplace environment committee or green champion.
  • Initiating energy or water conservation programs.
  • Initiating actions/programs to keep toxins out of the environment.
  • Consider submitting bargaining proposals that promote sustainable practices.
  • Working with community partners on Earth Day events or other environment projects.

“Caring for the environment is to be celebrated, and it can provide a more meaningful focus for our work as well as promote engagement in our membership,” says HEU president Victor Elkins. “Let’s move forward with green solutions.”

Are you proud of your local’s best practices at work and in your communities to improve environmental standards, cut waste or reduce greenhouse gases?

Don’t keep it to yourself, enter CUPE National’s Earth Day Contest – deadline is May 19.