Employer foot dragging delays pay equity adjustments

The allocation of 2001 pay equity funds for facilities sector caregivers is on hold because health employers say they’re too busy dealing with the Registered Nurses bargaining dispute to meet with HEU and other facilities sector unions to reach agreement on how to allocate the money.

“It’s simply not acceptable,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. In a recent letter to Health Employers Association boss Gary Moser, Allnutt was critical of HEABC’s excuse for delaying implementation of the first year of pay equity adjustments won in the recent facilities sector contract. However, Allnutt was encouraged that HEABC had agreed to a meeting to discuss technical matters related to distribution of pay equity increases due May 1, 2001.

HEU, says Allnutt, is prepared to turn up the heat on employers to insure that members receive the adjustments in a timely manner. And he says that with 90 per cent of HEU facilities members eligible for some form of adjustment, HEU’s goal in allocating the 2001 money is to ensure that it is distributed as widely as possible.

The one per cent of payroll — in pay equity money for 2001 — will be followed by a further 1.5 per cent of payroll in 2002 and 1.2 per cent in 2003 for classifications that have not yet achieved their targeted pay equity wage rates.