Enhanced Disability Management Program implemented for FBA members

The province-wide Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP), jointly negotiated by the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) and the Health Employers Association of BC, will go live on January 20.

The EDMP’s goal is to support workers struggling with illness or injury to return to work in a safe, healthy and timely manner.

Support under the program is available to regular employees in the FBA, who have missed one shift due to illness or injury resulting from a work-related event, or who have missed five consecutive shifts due to a non work-related illness or injury.

If a worker meets one of those criteria, she or he will be referred to EDMP to assess what supports that worker may need.

Employees who are otherwise struggling at work, and casual employees, may also “self-refer” to the program, although services provided may vary.

Through the EDMP, members may be eligible for timely medical and rehab services, or diagnostic services and treatments recommended by a physician, which may not be covered under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) or extended health plans.

As negotiated, the FBA has trained full-time EDMP stewards – who work under the direction of program coordinator Chris Back – to support members in the program, and be the primary contact for the employer’s disability management representatives.

Although the EDMP became part of the facilities subsector collective agreement in April 2013, the program’s implementation has been fine-tuned over recent months.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact your local EDMP steward, your manager/supervisor, or refer to your collective agreement.