Facilities clerical benchmark review ready to be implemented

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The $3-million clerical benchmark review – as negotiated in the 2006-2010 facilities subsector collective agreement – has been finalized with an implementation agreement signed off by both the union and employer.

Also known as the “page 208” review, 85 clerical benchmarks were closely examined over a three-year period with member consultations, numerous meetings with the Health Employers Association of BC, and mediation with respected labour arbitrator Vince Ready.

The results of the review with final documents – including the benchmarks, a Letter of Intent, a Question & Answer bulletin, and a clerical job family index – are now available on the union’s website.

Any changes resulting from the clerical benchmark review will be implemented no later than April 1, 2010, and retroactive pay will be issued no later than May 13, 2010.

Final documents

  • Letter of Intent
  • Attachment 1 – which lists all of the benchmarks prior to the review
  • Attachment 2 – which lists all of the benchmarks that were revised
  • Attachment 3 – which lists all of the benchmarks that were significantly changed, resulting in expenditures from the fund
  • Clarification language for the new benchmark 10015 (Clerk IV(A) Admitting Out-Patient Booking)
  • Index for the Clerical job family
  • Copy of the final approved clerical benchmarks
  • January 22, 2010 HEU newsletter
  • Q&A