Facilities sector health and welfare benefits tie-in with Pharmacare ends July 1

Improvement means that more prescription drugs will now be covered

Winning benefit improvements was a top priority during the last round of bargaining and the new facilities subsector agreement delivers on this with three key improvements to health and welfare benefits that will come into effect over the three years of the agreement.

The first key improvement is effective July 1 and will end the Pharmacare tie-in, which means that prescribed drugs do not have to be covered by Pharmacare in order for their costs to be covered by our plan.

However, other exclusions that existed in our former plan have not changed—so called “lifestyle drugs” like oral contraceptives and vitamin therapy are still not covered, and low cost alternatives and referenced-based priced drugs for Pharmacare and non-Pharmacare covered drugs still applies.

And for the 3,000 HEU members who were not levelled or who did not receive comparability, and for members certified from 1995 to March 31, 2000, health and welfare plans comparable to Pacific Blue Cross coverage also kick in July 1.