FBA Education Fund accepting applications

The FBA Education Fund is once again accepting long-term and short term training applications after securing a new round of funding from health authorities.

Long-term applications are due October 28, 2011 5:00 p.m., and applicants will be notified of allocation decisions in November.

Short-term applications are processed as received complete (ie: course acceptance/registration), and it may take up to five weeks for a decision.

The education and training fund managed by HEU and other unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) has received a further $1.25 million in funding from health authorities to provide skills upgrading and career mobility opportunities for union members.

The Fund underwrites training and educational opportunities for facilities subsector members, especially in areas of identified need within health care. The application and selection process is overseen by union members and staff.

The multi-union FBA negotiated $5 million to establish the fund as part of the 2006–2010 collective agreement. The Fund received another $1.25 million, which had already been allocated for training needs of members, in the 2010–2012 round of bargaining.

The announcement of an additional $1.25 million in funding over the next year will bring the total funding of the FBA Education Fund to $7.5 million over six years.

About 1,500 applications for training assistance from every occupational group have been supported from the FBA Education Fund since 2006.

Earlier this summer, HEU's acting secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson said:

"This announcement of new funding is an acknowledgement of the unmet demand for training from health care workers.

"Health care delivery is in a state of constant change. And our unions have been very effective stewards of an education program that has helped so many members stay up-to-date in their profession, or vocation, or to make career changes."

See the FBA Education Fund webpage for application forms and more information.