FBA works to keep supply chain services in current collective agreement

Shared Services Organization representatives hear key arguments from HEU for maintaining supply chain services within FBA

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On Thursday, the Facilities Bargaining Association, led by HEU, met with the B.C. Health Authority Shared Services Organization (SSO) to press for further details on supply chain consolidation plans and for assurances that this work will remain within the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA).

“HEU is firm in our position that the needs of members and health authorities are best served by ensuring supply chain services stay within the FBA collective agreement,” said HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

HEU representatives presented members’ concerns about losing important collective agreement rights, wages and career opportunities if they are transferred out of the FBA and into a different agreement. They added that these issues increase the uncertainty already created by health authorities’ recent announcements about budget cuts.

“HEU members have a lot to contribute towards increased savings in the supply chain, but they need the stability of knowing they will keep their FBA contract,” said Darcy.

During the meeting, SSO representatives did confirm they have no plans to contract out any work within the supply chain.

They also confirmed that there are no additional plans for job losses in supply chain services, despite recent health authority announcements about savings in this area. SSO representatives indicated that these savings will not come through further job cuts. Two recent tenders for cardiac supplies have put them on track to meet this year’s savings targets.

As health authorities have told staff, the new province-wide purchasing plan will mean that SSO directs members’ work in supply chain services, even though they will continue to be employed directly by the health authorities. This is an interim plan, as SSO is applying for designation as a health employer with the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC).

SSO had earlier identified payroll services for review and possible consolidation. However, they advised the union that these services are not under active consideration at this time.

Further meetings will be held with SSO to discuss any potential changes to IT services.

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