HEU believes that health prevention is a good thing, and many of our members have had the benefit of voluntarily receiving flu shots in the past. However, we don’t believe that coercion and threats of wage loss are appropriate ways to achieve medical goals.

Health care employers around the province are preparing to implement “Immunization Policies” prior to the onset of the flu season.

Employers have been directed that “employees who chose not to be immunized or to take anit-viral medication, be excluded from work without pay in the event of an influenza outbreak.”

If you have medical reasons for not receiving the flu shot at this time, or at any time, you should ensure that you have proof of those medical reasons and advise the employer when the time for flu shots is announced.

If you have a reaction to the shot you should report it to the Workers’ Compensation Board.

If you have any questions or concerns about flu shots, please contact your Shop Steward.