Fraser Health’s automated calls on flu vaccine “inappropriate,” says HEU

The Hospital Employees’ Union says that a robocall campaign launched by Fraser Health on Monday night is highly inappropriate.

The automated calls appear to be directed to the home numbers of HEU members who have not yet “self-reported” to their employer on whether or not they have received the flu vaccine for the current flu season.

Fraser Health did not inform HEU of the robocall campaign until after it was launched.

Under the flu policy in effect for all health authorities, employees have the option to receive the vaccine and report it, or to wear a mask during the flu season.

“This policy has been clearly communicated to our members in the workplace,” says HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson.

“They understand the flu policy and the consequences of not self-reporting.

“Badgering our members at home about their personal, medical decisions is not just unnecessary – it’s inappropriate and a violation of their privacy.”

The union has told Fraser Health that the calls must stop and is considering filing a grievance on the matter.