Goodwin local members constructive in their outrage

They convey their message with creativity

Members of HEU’s Goodwin local in Courtenay were so incensed at the Liberals’ cutting and slashing of government jobs, that they called a work party and signed, folded and mailed almost 1,400 letters to all of Gordon Campbell’s cabinet members.

“The letters were loosely fashioned after the redundancy letters that were given to BCGEU workers,” says Terri Rousseau, who is the designated campaign organizer of her local.

Letter writing is only part of the local’s activities. On-the-spot sign painting parties resulted in a large number of placards with highly original slogans. “The sayings on the signs we produce indicate our thoughts and feelings,” says Rousseau. “We are quite creative and don’t make very many `Liar, liar’ signs.”

One member of the local, Karen Ball, has produced a banner that illustrates the cuts that have and will be perpetrated on the people of the province. A tree with branches representing different ministries and social programs sprouts leaves that stand for the cuts. Gordocchio is the man with the axe that wants to cut down the tree.

“These members are using their anger and outrage in an imaginative way,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

Rousseau says that these activities have acted as the impetus to get her local members involved not only in the union but in the community. “It is certainly clear to most of us that we need to keep active not only in our communities but to be very supportive of each other,” she says.