Health cuts not pretty ad

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B.C. is beautiful, but there’s nothing pretty about the damage the B.C. Liberals have done to health care.

That’s the message in a new HEU TV ad that airs Thursday night on many television newscasts.

The 30-second ad provides a much-needed counterpoint to taxpayer-funded government ads and a subsequent — but similar — campaign sponsored by the B.C. Liberals.

In both cases, the ads feature the Campbell Liberals’ election message against the backdrop of this province’s supernatural beauty.

HEU’s new ad is produced in a similar style — but it speaks to the damage the Campbell Liberals have done to health care including:

  • a broken promise to build 5,000 long-term care beds;

  • 71 hospitals cutback, closed and downgraded;

  • the firing of 8000 skilled, experienced health care workers;

  • the closure of more than 1200 acute care beds;

  • the effects of staffing cuts and privatization on cleanliness and care;

  • and longer waits for surgery.

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