Health employers must consult with union on plans for Desktop Management Services

Employers obligated to engage in 90-day consultation period before negotiating contracting-out arrangement
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The Hospital Employees’ Unionis insisting that health employers abide by their contractual obligations toconsult with the union before moving forward with plans to negotiate a dealwith IBM for the contracting out of Desktop Management Services.

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Health employers issued formal notice to the union of theirintentions on September 23 “in order to ensure that the employer can issuedisplacement notices…in a timely manner should negotiations result in acontract with IBM.”

That’s a premature move that runs afoul of the employers’contractual obligations their employees, says HEU.

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Under the job security provisions of the facilitiescollective agreement, health employers are bound to a 90-day consultationperiod with the union before proceeding to negotiate any contracting-outarrangement that affects members in two or more health authorities.

Health employers’ plans would affect members in all sixhealth authorities.

The union is asking health employers to provide the unionwith detailed information about their plans as required in the collectiveagreement. This includes a detailed list of the HEU members impacted by theplan to contract out including their classification, health authority and work site.

The union is also seeking access to financial and otherplanning documents related to health employers’ plans to contract out the work.

Under the collective agreement, the employers’ plans shouldbe referred to a joint union-employer Alternate Service Delivery Committee atleast three months before seeking a contracting-out arrangement.