Health employers stuck on unit coordinator job title

Progress steady on benchmark language but miles to go on job title

The union’s benchmark committee for unit coordinators met with the Health Employers Association of BC last week and made some progress negotiating further language.

But while agreement on benchmark language is a possibility in the near future, health employers are still finding it difficult to accept “unit coordinator” as an appropriate title for the work.

HEABC’s main issue appears to be possible confusion with the term “coordinator” apparently because some management staff also have this designation.

The job title has been further complicated by the varying designations applied by colleges providing education and training for unit coordinators — some also use the term “unit clerks.”

The benchmark committee is asking all unit coordinators for their input on an appropriate job title. Put your ideas in an email addressed to

The committee is currently working on dates for the next meeting with HEABC, likely to be held next month in Burnaby.