Health employers target desktop management services for contracting out

Union will meet to negotiate labour adjustment options once formal notice has been served by health employers

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Health Shared Services BC – the division of the Provincial Health Services Authority now in charge of shared services – announced today that it will negotiate with IBM for a contract to provide Desktop Management Services to all six health authorities.

The move impacts the employment of a number of Hospital Employees’ Union members throughout the province.

The union has yet to receive the required notice from health employers of their intent to contract out employees’ work as required under B.C.’s labour laws.

When that notice is received, HEU will arrange for conference calls and/or meetings with affected members to discuss the impact of this decision and to review the labour adjustment measures that are available to members under the facilities collective agreement.

At this point, the union has received no additional information than what is contained in today’s bulletin to staff.

Health employers had announced their intention to explore the contracting out option earlier this year.

But after months of rumours about the future of Desktop Management Services, today’s announcement will be a source of anxiety for many members.

The union is committed to providing members with timely and accurate information about developments as it becomes available.