Hearing dates scheduled to set final pay rates for three patient care benchmarks

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Hearing dates have been scheduled for April to determine the final rates for three patient care benchmarks that had been revised under the review set out on “page 209” of the 2006-2010 facilities collective agreement.

The benchmarks had been assigned interim pay rates as part of the overall benchmark review, which was concluded last month.

The outstanding benchmarks and their interim rates are:

  • Rehabilitation Assistant: interim pay rate of Grid 22,
  • Program Coordinator I (Recreation): interim pay rate of Grid 26, and
  • Program Coordinator II (Recreation): interim pay rate of Grid 30.
As part of the benchmark review, it was agreed that the determination of the final pay rates for these benchmarks could be referred to classification arbitrator John Kinzie. He will hear that matter on April 12, 13 and 22.

The union will seek higher grid rates for all three benchmarks using arguments based on classification principles.

The terms for the hearing are set out in section 9 of the Maintenance Agreement in the facilities collective agreement.

The parties have already agreed that the rates cannot be lower than the interim rates. If the classification referee establishes a higher rate, it will be effective the date of his decision.

At this time, all members whose positions were matched to these benchmarks should be receiving the interim pay rates. In addition, retroactive payments for the interim rate to April 1, 2008 must be paid within six (6) pay periods after November 25, 2009.