Here's how to contact your MLA in the campaign to protect health care services

In communities across B.C., HEU locals are working with other unions and our allies in community groups to start a coordinated fight back campaign to counter Gordon Campbell's attack on health care and public services.

One element is to work with other HEU locals in your area to meet with the MLA for your community, or in urban settings, the MLA for the facility where you work. Our goal is to raise concerns about the Liberals threatened plans to:

  • wield an axe to health care programs and community social services;
  • close health care facilities;
  • roll back our collective agreements; ? build privately owned hospitals like Abbotsford; and
  • privatize and contract out the valuable services. How do you contact your MLA
  • It's simple. If you don't know who your MLA is, go to this link to find out: MLA lookup.Once you know the name, go to this link for an alphabetical list of MLAs: MLA List. Click on the name of the MLA for biographical information and the address and telephone number of their constituency office.

If you think you need some assistance in setting up the meeting, contact Kristina Vandervoort in the HEU provincial office 604/438-5000, or 1-800-663-5813.