HEU backs BC Health Coalition as battle for public health care heats up

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MEMBERS of the Hospital Employees’ Union are veterans when it comes to standing up for public health care with quality services for all British Columbians.

And many are experienced coalition builders who regularly work with other unions, community-based organizations and citizen-activists in their towns and regions to promote innovative solutions that will improve and expand medicare – and fight changes that undermine and weaken it.

HEU maintains this standard by supporting the BC Health Coalition – an umbrella association of more than 50 seniors’, non-governmental and labour organizations that promote and defend medicare – and its action plans.

“We’re proud to be among the many organizations that support the BC Health Coalition,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “And we look forward to continuing our participation in such a dedicated and credible coalition.”

Over the last five years, the health coalition has broadened its activities to join local campaigns as they’ve sprung up across the province to oppose service cuts, facility closures and health privatization.

An active member of the BCHC since its formation about 15 years ago, HEU has a seat on the steering committee along with 11 other organizations – six from labour and six from the community.

Due to several hard-working sub-committees, the BCHC runs active campaigns demanding better home support and more residential beds for seniors and people with disabilities; opposing public-private partnerships, private insurance and user fees in health care; and protecting medicare.

HEU members can learn more about the work of the BC Health Coalition, and they or their locals can join the growing list of supporters by phoning the coalition office at 604 681 7945 or going to the website at www.bchealthcoalition.ca.