HEU celebrates Trades and Maintenance Workers Day – October 2

Today, HEU locals across the province are recognizing the critical services our trades and maintenance members contribute to B.C.’s health care system. 

To acknowledge work that’s often invisible and undervalued, this year’s theme of HEU Trades and Maintenance Workers Day is Laying the Foundation for Health Care. 

If you’ve ever utilized a hospital elevator, relied on lights to lead you through a facility’s winding corridors or stairwells, found relief in a heated or air conditioned hospital unit, used washroom facilities or a hospital switchboard – HEU trades and maintenance members are behind that work. 

Trades and maintenance workers are responsible for the safe and continuous operation of a facility’s infrastructure, equipment, energy and plant systems, as well as air and water quality. Their jobs include electricians, cooks/bakers, power engineers, carpenters, boiler operators, radiographic processor maintainers, mechanics, painters, welders, electronic technicians, and maintenance supervisors, among others. 

These workers are vital in keeping life-saving systems functioning, including oxygen, life support, medical gases, and emergency backup generators. They’re also responsible for smoke and fire control testing, building or renovating nurses’ stations, and isolating ventilation systems to contain airborne contaminants. 

That’s why HEU’s trades and maintenance subcommittee is asking locals to recognize these members of your workplace team by holding an event or activity in their honour. 

And be sure to email photos of your celebrations to <tradesandmaintenance@heu.org>.