HEU clerical subcommittee contest: enter for chance to win an e-reader

Help determine makeover for clerical mascot “Fredrica”

The union’s clerical subcommittee has just launched a new contest to give clerical members a voice in selecting their updated mascot.

Created nearly six years ago – stemming from member input during HEU’s first occupational conference series – “Fredrica” quickly became a popular mascot identifying the work of the clerical subcommittee. Her image has been used on most materials generated by the subcommittee, including mouse pads, coffee mugs and posters.

Why the change?

Over the years, members of HEU’s clerical team have expressed a desire to update Fredrica to a more modern “look” to represent the clerical job family. She was created as a caricature to show how clerical workers are expected to multitask under stressful and time-sensitive circumstances, yet still be smiling.

“The caricature is part of her appeal,” says Stuart McCready, clerical subcommittee co-chair. “Fredrica started off as a throwback to the 1950s, where most women were expected to be full-time housewives and mothers, taking care of the home – and yet, never being acknowledged for her contribution to the household. Clerical workers face some of that same stereotyping – their work is largely invisible.”

As part of the contest, four versions of Fredrica have been designed (including the original). Clerical workers are asked to choose your favourite Fredrica from the four options provided (each version is numbered), and email your pick.

Your name and email will be entered into our contest. The contest closes at 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2012. A random name will be drawn on May 1 – “May Day”. The winner will receive a brand new e-reader. HEU will arrange to have the prize shipped to the winner. No cash equivalent or substitutions. Visit the union’s website for full details.

Rules and Regulations: Contest participants must provide their name, work site and email. Only one entry per person. Members of the HEU clerical subcommittee, Provincial Executive and HEU staff are not eligible for the draw. Only members of HEU’s clerical job family are eligible for the draw. HEU will add your email to its Clerical Action Network list and will occasionally send you union-related news and information. HEU reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it determines that the contest rules have been violated. A single winning contest entry will be randomly selected from all eligible entries for the prize. The union’s determination of the winning entry will be final.