HEU convention delegates: deadline reminder for P.E. election materials

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The HEUConstitution and By-Laws (Article 6, Section A) includes a process for candidatesto campaign for positions on the Provincial Executive.

P.E. elections are held at the union’s biennial convention,and voted on by HEU conventiondelegates. We encourage locals to circulate this information to all electeddelegates attending our October 24 to 29 convention at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.

Candidate leaflets

In mid-September, HEUwill be distributing biographies and photos of candidates, who had submittedthis information by the July 27 deadline.

In addition, candidates also have the option to distributeleaflets.

The Provincial Office will photocopy – up to 1,000 copies –of a leaflet for you. The photocopy-ready leaflet will be copied in black and white only, on single- or double-sidedas indicated by the candidate, on letter-size (8½ X 11) white paper.

HEU staff will not provide format, layout, editingassistance or folding of leaflets. Candidates must submit their leaflet by September 2, 2010. The photocopies willbe ready for pick up or mailing to the candidate within two weeks of receipt.

Candidate informationon HEU website

In addition to the leaflets and special mailing todelegates, there’s an opportunity for candidates to share information withmembers in the “2010 convention” section on HEU’swebsite.

The guidelines listedbelow will be strictly applied.

Guidelines forsubmitting biographical profiles for HEUwebsite:

  • Eachbio should include the candidate’s name, job title and local, and must bereceived at the Provincial Office by 5:00p.m. on September 10, 2010.
  • Biosmust be 200 words maximum and submitteddigitally (by email) as an attached Word document or in the body of an email.
  • ProvincialOffice staff will edit grammar, spelling and typos, but will not edit for styleor length.
  • Biosthat exceed the maximum length of 200words will be returned to the candidate for editing and will need to beresubmitted by the deadline.
  • Candidatesare encouraged to declare the position for which they wish to run (this doesnot preclude nominations from the floor), as well as give a brief statementabout why they’re running and what they hope to accomplish while in office.
  • Includerelevant past and present experience such as local union positions, provincialcommittees, bargaining committees, and broader labour movement experience, plusany other information the candidate chooses to cover.
  • Pleasesubmit digital photos only (no needto crop or resize photos, as we’ll do that for you).
Please send candidate materials – bios, photos and photocopy-readyleaflets – to the HEU ProvincialOffice:

by mail: 5000 North Fraser Way, Burnaby,B.C. V5J 5M3

by email: <elections@heu.org>