HEU Day celebrates health care workers’ diversity, unity and solidarity

For seven decades, Hospital Employees’ Union members have been dedicated to delivering quality public health care to British Columbians every single day.

For nearly a decade, HEU has supported five occupational subcommittees – clerical, support, trades and maintenance, patient care technical and patient care – consisting of rank-and-file members, Provincial Executive (P.E.) members and staff advisors. 

These subcommittees have provided outreach to members across the province and were a valuable resource for discussing occupation-specific issues, including bargaining objectives, health and safety, and general union information.

But last fall, HEU convention delegates passed a resolution to amalgamate these occupational groupings into one subcommittee with representatives from each of the five facilities job families to help build unity and solidarity, while still recognizing the unique needs of our diverse membership. 

That’s why we’re proud to commemorate our first annual HEU Day, held on October 13, to mark the anniversary of the union’s charter date in 1944. And to celebrate HEU’s strong united health care team – working together in solidarity – for improved working and caring conditions for all members. 

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Happy HEU Day!