HEU encourages members to participate in a national survey on work and home life balance


As the B.C. health services division of CUPE National, the Hospital Employees’ Union is encouraging members to take part in a new Canadian research survey that will examine the health effects of juggling paid employment with family responsibilities, including caregiving.

In today’s busy society, it’s more and more common for workers to hold down a job, support their family’s daily needs, and also provide care for a sick or aging relative. That responsibility often lands on the shoulders of women, and eventually takes its toll.

Caregiving is especially taxing when you’re also engaged in paid employment. It becomes a balancing act that often results in higher levels of work-life conflict, as well as emotional and physical strain.

That’s why HEU advocates for healthy workplaces, including policies around shift scheduling to improve work-home balance.

These pieces all come together in the National Survey on Balancing Work, Family and Caregiving currently being undertaken on behalf of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) by Dr. Linda Duxbury, a professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Dr. Duxbury is a Canadian expert in the field of work-life balance and CUPE/HEU is pleased to be able to assist her with this important and groundbreaking research project.

This is an opportunity for HEU members to contribute to research that aims to increase awareness at both public policy and employer level of the challenges faced by employed caregivers. 

Individual survey responses will be kept in strict confidence. Only summary results will be published.

You can complete this comprehensive online survey and get more information from the Sprott School of Business website.