HEU encourages participation in BC’s voluntary flu vaccination program

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WITH FLU season just around the corner, HEU is once again encouraging health care workers to take part in the province’s voluntary, on-site vaccination program.

“The annual flu shot is an option that many of our members now choose to help protect their own health and the health of their patients, clients and residents,” says acting secretary-business manager Zorica Bosancic, who participated in a recent special clinic held at the union’s provincial office.

Bosancic says HEU — along with nurses, doctors and other health care workers — supports an education-based, voluntary immunization program as one way to help curb flu outbreaks in health care facilities and safeguard people with compromised immune systems, especially the frail elderly.

Health care workers who may have medical reasons for not receiving the vaccine are reminded that proof of those reasons should be submitted to the employer.

Members who experience a negative reaction to the flu shot should report it to the Workers’ Compensation Board.